Travel, maps and items

Autopilot is not very efficient. It lands you exactly 15Km from a stargate, then cruises you in. If you travel by manually warping to within zero metres of your stargate, you can activate it as soon as you arrive. Much faster. Much safer.

When you travel manually, you still use the 'set destination' feature because it will tell you which stargate to go to for each jump. The Overview panel in-game will highlight your target in yellow.

What is a solar system or constellation anyhow?
Yes, it's confusing at first. It's like this:
  • Your ship is in a solar system, which has planets and asteroid belts. You can warp to them using your ship's warp drive.
  • The 'Local' window shows players in your solar system.
  • You jump between solar systems using Star Gates. The gates are named by the system they take you to.
  • When you have waypoints set, the next star gate for your journey is yellow in the Overview.
  • Constellations are a bunch of solar systems, maybe 5 or 10. It's just a conceptual clumping with some significance for 0.0 sovereignty. You can move between constellations without realising it, when you jump between two solar systems.
  • A region is a bunch of constellations.
  • In the Star Map, the lines between solar systems are different colours to show a jump that changes consellations or regions. (Knowing this is only useful if you are about to enter an enemy-controlled area).
  • The Market interface only shows you items for sale in your region. You can sometimes profit by arbitrage between two regions.
Mission destinations
Missions often say to go someplace. You can right-click the place in the mission details, via Journal, and warp there. (See screenshot).

The warp might take you to a deadspace accelerator gate, which you then need to approach and activate.

A clever chap named Ombey has put together wonderful maps which you can print out for, say, the region you are in. Particularly useful once you settle down to 'home' somewhere. Go get them from Ombey's Maps.

Alliances take control of regions through warfare. This sovereignty map shows you the state of play. Very useful if you are trying to choose one corporation over another. Check the alliance it's in, and where they're located. That map is dynamically created and regularly updated to show changed sovereignty.

Another map here reflects the political power blocs, along with who controls each region. While the previous sovereignty map is better, this map has the advantage of highlighting overarching warfare but it can mislead you to think Eve is an overly simple battle between two mega-alliances. (It's not).

This is the process of pointing your ship towards a warp target but not actually warping. You can double clicking space around the object to align yourself with it. You do it to save precious seconds if you have to warp out in a hurry.
You might do this so that you can exit more quickly while mining, for example. You might also do it for a synchronized Warp as a Gang in tactical maneuvers. Also good if you are in missions and you know you will have to warp out.

Gate camps
In 0.0, you can find 'gate camps' where a bunch of pirates or hostiles deploy a warp disruptor zone right near a star gate, which you land in when you jump into the system. When you are in a warp disruption zone (also called bubble), you cannot warp. You cannot warp to your intended destination.

You discover you're in such a situation because you'll see a load of ships near the gate, or your overview might show the Disruptor, or when you try to warp, you get a failure message.

You can however still use normal propulsion and star gates.

Gate campers are there to kill and loot you, defend territory or extort payment from you for a promise to set you free. It's all bad for you.

(If you're trying to haul around lots of cargo, read this page for advice too.)

Note when you arrive in any system from a star gate jump, you are cloaked. It lasts about 30 seconds. This means the gate campers cannot see where you are, but they will know you're in the solar system somewhere, because your name would have appeared in Local. Experienced campers will have seen the gate flash-up to show an arrival, so they will know you're somewhere nearby.

However, you're cloaked; you have some time to organise your thoughts. Try to be calm and remember the escape techniques outlined below.

Warp disruptor bubbles are produced by deploying a 'Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor' - they could be small, medium or large - each creating larger spheres. They are deployed and anchored only in 0.0 space, requiring the Anchoring and Propulsion Jamming skills. The disruption effect lasts until the device is removed or destroyed.

Interdictor bubbles are deployed by Interdictor ships and serve the same function except that they are mostly used against roaming gangs, to prevent the target escaping. The bubbles themselves last around 3 minutes, I think.

How to escape a gate camp
Do not log out. Your ship will materialise after you've logged out, and will likely be destroyed and you'll probably podkilled too. (I know this because I noobishly tried it myself).

You have three ways to escape. The first is the only technique to use if you're a newbie.
(Note there are some subtleties to this, which are outlined in this thread).

1. Backtrack
To jump back through the star gate that you arrived from, which will be several kilometers away.
    • Clear your waypoints.
    • Right-click the stargate that's next to you - the one that goes back where you came from.
    • Set that stargate as your waypoint.
    • Wait until about 25 seconds or so have passed. Your cloak will disappear after 30s. You need time because you cannot activate a stargate immediately after arriving. It has a cooldown.
    • Then, as quick as possible:
      • Activate your microwarp drive*
      • Activate Autopilot.
    • Your ship will align, quickly move to the stargate, then jump as soon as it can.
    • You arrive in the system and should quickly continue to warp away, in case you are pursued.
2. Forward escape
If your ship is really fast, you can fly out of the disruption zone - which might extend several more kilometers - and then warp to something aligned in the direction you're facing.

This is generally only possible in an Interceptor-class ship, because they're extremely quick.
I don't think a normal Frigate at 1000m/s will be fast enough to escape hostile tacklers.

3. Cloak
If you are skilled and have a Cloak fitted, you would simply put it on and saunter out of the disruption zone before continuing your journey.

* If you only have an afterburner, you probably won't move fast enough to survive the short flight to the stargate. But, as a newbie, the first technique is still your only option.

Items in Station
In a space station, you have an 'items' hangar. If you accept a courier mission to take stuff from point to point, they put the stuff in the Items. You need to manually drag it from there into your ship's cargo hold.

You can keep stuff in the Items hangar. It's like leaving goods at home. It's safe.


Khaim said...

For mission objectives, you can also right-click in empty space, which pops up a menu of things in the solar system: planets, stargates, and stations. It also has your current missions, with "warp to" commands. Very useful if you don't like messing with your journal all the time.

BluOrange said...

Smart gate campers will be able to tell that something has come through the gate that they are camping because they'll see your name appear in local at the same time as the gate flashes - unlike in highsec, people don't enter or leave lowsec and 0.0 systems constantly, so they'll know who you are and that you're somewhere near their gate.

If you're at a gate that has a mobile small or mobile medium warp disruptor deployed, you'd have to be extremely unlucky to be caught in the field. If you are caught in the field, then powering away from the gate and warping to a belt or a planet is likely to get you to safety quicker than running back for the gate. However, you can use three medium disruptors to get impressive coverage on a gate, and the ideal choice in that situation can be hard to determine.

An interdictor bubble has a 20km range. So the 12.5km trip back to the activation range of the gate might be further than the trip to the edge of the bubble (assuming perfect bubble positioning, 5km. In practice, it'll probably be somewhere between 0 and 10km; perfect bubble placement is rare.)

Mobile large warp disruptors are the real killers when it comes to jumping into a camp, their radius is 32km, so one large bubble can effectively close traffic through a gate in both directions.

If you do go for forward escape, you'll need to use manual flying to align yourself to your warp target.

Hmmm. This has me motivated a little, maybe I should teach a gatecamping and gatecamp evasion class....

Glad you mentioned Ombey's maps. They're incredibly useful for traders, PVPers, haulers... everybody.

Anonymous said...

You can use autopilot quite effectively to securely jump.

The way to do it is:

1. Warp towards the yellow stargate in your overview.

2. As soon as you get a "Jumping" notification, turn autopilot off.

3. As you pop out the other side of the gate and while still cloaked, warp to the next stargate and start the autopilot.

4. Keep repeating the process, and DON'T FORGET to turn off autopilot just as you start to jump each time.

The advantage of this methos is that autopilot jumps you as soon as you get to the gate. You don't have to manually jump, just to remember to turn off Autopilot. Because you manually start the warp each time, you warp to zero.

Baka Lakadaka

BluOrange said...

Current version is looking really good :)

However, it seems to imply that a cloak can guarantee safety from a gatecamp. While it is very very difficult to nab a cloaker in a gatecamp, it can be done. If your cloaked ship passes within 2km of any object, the cloak will fail and you're likely to die. Campers have a number of techniques they can use to try and make that happen.

Anonymous said...

mwd towards a gate at too great a speed and you can bounce off beyond the jump range :(

BluOrange said...

Good point, anonymous!

However, I feel that most newbies aren't going to be able to MWD fast enough to have that problem.

Anonymous said...

Can you use MWD when you are in a an interdicor/disruption bubble? I would have thought it would not function just like when you are in deadspace?

BluOrange said...

MWD works fine in a warp disruption field, unlike in deadspace. Which is confusing, but convenient.

Kennedy Lincoln said...

Are you sure about using a MWD in a bubble? I do not think it works. One time I was warp distrupted and I could NOT turn on the MWD. Why would a bubble perfrom any diffrently on a MWD. It doesn't make sense plus I am not willing to test it out to prove you wrong. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well, it is called a Warp Disruptor and your kinda gets disrupted :)

OpenGraves said...

As of one of the more recent patches I do not believe MWD works anytime your warp drive is non functional. This now includes warp bubbles, mobile or not, and when someone has a warp scrabler or warp distruptor on you.

Quacko said...

Why isn't it viable to log out? When you login doesn't it put you back into a random position in the system?

Anonymous said...

Just to add some information about the last few comments, in case future readers wonder the same things:

Firstly, effects that disable your warp drive do not disable your MWD. In a recent patch, Warp Scramblers - the two-point, short ranged warp drive disabling modules - were changed to also disable MWDs. If you are hit by one your MWD will immediately turn off and you won't be able to turn it on again while the scrambler is on you.

This does not apply to other things that disable your warp drive, like interdictors, bubbles or one-point warp disruptors (including multiple one-point disruptors); it's only the two-point scramblers that disable your MWD.

Secondly, what happens when you log out is your ship does an immediate emergency warp along a random(?) vector. If your warp drive is disabled, it won't be able to warp, and you'll be stuck. :)

Hopefully that clears it up in case anyone else reads those comments and wonders the same thing.

Bretton said...

A frig will get you out of a bubblecamp if it's fit to, and if you fly it right. I used a rifter with a mwd, an ab, and a web. 2 nano's or od's and a dcuII. I don't even know if i bothered putting guns on it (pg was tight). The only purpose was to make it back to empire from 0.0 when i have to go sell some faction loot I acquired when in null sec cus I still couldn't fly cov ops then. It made it through every bubble camp, but i did have to pull a logoffski once or twice cus I was trapped and being probed out.

Gr1pp said...

A trick that works for me is when i think there is a camp in the system i warp the a planet first, then the gate. often the bubbles aren't lined up well with the planets. but then again, if you're dead-set on living, turn around and take another path...