Would you like to maintain this?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new maintainer for this guide, to freshen it up for current content. Email me at hammerjudge@gmail.com

Also I'm now playing WoW again, and have a guide on leadership and tanking called pwnwear. Drop by!

Update June 2009: changed template, fixed dates on posts so they appeared in one line. Also posted on scrapheap requesting help.


Hammerjudge said...

Hi Baeryn and all!
I have a strong sense of protectiveness for this guide, not just because it took me a while to write, but because it's been improved by so many Eve players from New Citizens, and because it's become a popular guide for new players, thus helping many people get into the game which otherwise can be overwhelming. So I'm really happy Baeryn's at the helm now, to steer this guide through Trinity and keep it a pivotal resource for new players.
All the best!

TrevorP said...

Hi Baeryn,
Thanks to you for taking it over - I'm certain newbs will appreciate the guide for years to come. Thank's to Hammer for all his hard work in the past!

About me: I have been playing EVE for a week after stumbling on it by accident and I love it!

As for new content for the guide - there was a comment by Temult on the "Eve: for experienced gamers" post regarding the need for younger player to fill very important roles in a corp. If this is true, could you profile some of the carrier paths or character specializations that would be useful for a newb looking to be a useful teammate in a corp?


Martindale said...

Sure thing, trevorp! That's a great idea, I'll get to work on it immediately.

Deus Mallei said...

Very nice work on this guide, its the most informationpacked and straight to the point guide I've read. It really helped me jump from total lost towards a more broader view of things in Eve. I'm still on my trial only played just over one and a half week, planning on signing up for real.
The aforementioned corp role for new players is a good idea.
One thing I wonder about is deadspace complexes, some refer to this as "dungeons" although sometimes it seems to me that these are shared amongst random players. would love if you could shred some lighgt in this area.
Thanks again for a great guide, definatly a good idea to keep building on this concept.

Lalkin said...

i think a good guide would be a faction guide on raising standing with corps and factions. I believe it is touched upon already but a bit more info would be nice as well as perhaps incorperating this table showing secondary gains.


A common question I had and lots of my friends had was, "I've done 34298749847 RSS missions with my buddy. Why has my Mimitar Standing gone up?!?" The answer is of course storyline missions don't share but it took a while before I figured that out. =)

Sparrow said...

Glad to see some new work done on my favorite starting guide. Lots of thanks to hammer on making my first steps into eve easier :) and gl on Baeryn with keeping up with the standard already set.

For new things i would like to see: Research and Invention. I am starting to explore that part of the game and it really puzzles me on what skills to get and what to train higher for a better chance.

Ok its not really for the noob player, but it is for the noob researcher/inventor ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a very helpful site. I'm a somewhat experienced player and I like what I'm seeing here. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...
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Lockser said...


As a new player this site has helped me quite a lot, is it going to be updated?

Martindale said...

Absolutely, we're just putting the finishing touches on a few of our new posts, and there have been significant updates in the past couple weeks to each of the posts to reflect the Trinity updates.

Anonymous said...

So will the site be updated with the latest information from Emp age? I like this site and it actually helped me get my start. I hope to see it updated soon!

David said...

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CrazyKinux said...

Hey there Martindale!

I just added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll. You've also been featured in today's EVE Speedlinking post as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.

I'd appreciate if you made a post about it and/or added those links to your blogroll!



Simply Chemistry said...

This is one site that has been very valuable for me in learning and understanding the various skills, levels and techniques to better my play in Eve Online.

Being hard of hearing, I can't avail myself of voice communications, which makes learning from other players very difficult for me, unfortunately, so most of my learning is done through type, for those patient enough to explain something at the moment, or via independent research through sites like this.

I am coming along and appreciate the site and the great information here. Please keep it up and thank you!

sjm said...

Great guide, I found this article
Moving from WoW to Eve also useful to help guildies switch from WoW to Eve.

sjm said...

Great guide, I found this article
Moving from WoW to Eve also useful to help guildies switch from WoW to Eve.