Why Eve is casual friendly

Eve Online is especially friendly for casuals, whilst it does not compromise gaming for hardcore players. How? There are two mechanics which really stand-out.

You can learn new skills and become more powerful without having to grind.
    • Learning continues whether you are online or not, so you keep gaining skills whether you play one hour a night or five.

You can place 'buy' orders on the market.
    • This is a subtle but huge difference to Warcraft. You can place a Buy order in a market which lasts a week or more. You do not have to sit and watch the Auction House. If someone wants to get quick cash, they can sell against your buy order. You can then resell it at a profit.
    • This means you can earn good money from trading without having to be online. There is incredible in-game statistics on market prices so you can make informed decisions.
You will get ganked
However, don't think Eve is a safe PvE game. It's a PvP game. You are always PvP flagged, effectively. Read this blog entry for important notes about ganking industrialists.

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