User interface

Some features are not immediately obvious.

You can make a window transparent, like a WoW guild chat, by clicking the little circle. (Like in the screenshot).

There is an anti-spam feature which makes you pay a few ISK to invite someone to a gang or message them. It's the "CSPA" charge. You turn it off in a hidden area.

In your inbox, you right click on the little 'inbox' wording. This brings up a menu including Settings. In there, you can add your Corp or Alliance to a list of allowed people.

If you have drones, you will find a variety of right-click options on the drone window below the Overview. You can send all your drones in to fight at once this way.

It's worth right-clicking on windows and objects just to see what's hidden.

Lastly, there are no addons that customise your GUI, sadly. Many MMOs have it. Eve doesn't (yet, perhaps, we hope).

Keyboard shortcuts
Yes, they exist, and they're just as important for PvP in Eve as they are in Warcraft. They're not as configurable, but are accessed by hitting your escape key to get the control panel.

Stop ship moving: CTRL-SPACEBAR
Target a ship: CTRL-CLICK
FPS, frames/sec: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-M

To increase FPS
General effects on/off: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E
Turret effects on/off: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-T
Sound on/off: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F12

Rookie channel
The Rookie channel you activate during the tutorial does not stay closed; it re-activates itself. It's annoying. You can't get rid of it until you've played for 30 days.


Asestorian said...

Another two interesting shortcuts people should know are these:


Although mostly used in PvP, these two commands will turn off general effects, then turret effects. In large battles, this can help to reduce lag. Use them again to turn these effects back on.

Anonymous said...

Likewise CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 to turn off sound before a big battle.

Setting up a shortcut for the autopilot, like ALT+A, is handy too.

Camuran said...

It is a great idea, by the way, to use setting to create other short-cuts for
- recalling drones
- assigning drones to target
- reload all
- anything else that is available in settings and that you use a lot

Tania Raukova said...

Reload all have a keybinding as standard: Ctrl + R

Anonymous said...

the link "search" in section "Where is the next agent?" it broken now

Steve said...

A good way to search for new agents, once you found the corp you want to work for, is to get info on the corp. The info button is the little round blue icon in the upper right of the station screen when you are docked, next to the station's corp logo.

Clicking this will give you the info window with several tabs, one of which is agents. Clicking the agents tab will yield a listing of all the divisions within the corp, and all of the agents in each division, with their ratings (level and quality) and whether or not you can get missions from them.

Some keybindings can be changed. Use the Esc key to open the settings window. Several tabs are visible, one of which is Settings, where you can change your keybindings, or see what they are.

UI colors can also be changed in the General Settings tab (layout section). There are both additional themes and setting controls for your own themes.

Khalinder said...

There's an even better way of finding an agent:

It let's you search on a lot of different criteria, including the standing required to work for that agent. This is a very handy feature: just check your standing with a corporation, then go to that website and you can see directly if you have enough to work for an agent.

ps Great site, I will recommend it to fresh recruits (pity there's all this references to WoW tho :P )

Kazume said...

Great site indeed! :) And as for me, I find the references to WoW quite handy. It is a fact that the 2 games are rather different ... and I've noticed that it is also a fact a lot of EVE players don't like WoW very much :P but EVE isn't very beginner-friendly so these hints & tricks in the WoW language do help to grasp the concept of things (that is if you've played WoW before :) ...

Thx a lot for the guide AND the comments! Makes it so much easier ...