About Hammer's guide

While this guide is predominantly my own effort, with a great deal of helpful comments posted by members of the New Citizens forum. Thanks to all of them. The guide quality is higher thanks to their willingness to review. BluOrange and Martindale maintained the site for a while, and my thanks to them.

Eve has quite a mature community, and a very friendly group of people who loiter in the New Citizens forum watching for a new post to answer. Quite in contrast to Warcraft, where newbies often get useless answers, ignored or hear very biased answers, the Eve community is helpful and positive, at least in the New Citizens Forum. ('General Discussion' and 'Corporations, Alliance and Organization Discussion' have a tendency to be fairly intense.)

How popular?
I get a lot of positive comments and read posts around the web referring here, which is greatly encouraging. I'm glad the guide is making the entry to Eve easier.

June 2009
Maintainer for Hammer's Eve
I am looking for someone to keep the site updated and check for accuracy to live Eve. Contact me at here. Alternatively you can send me updated posts where you find content that's wrong.

I'm now playing WoW again personally, and blogging at pwnwear.com

I wrote this guide two years ago, and didn't have any ads during that time. I thought I might put some on now, curious to see if I make enough for a pizza once in a while.

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